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C.A. Lindberg – leather slippers



Swedish designer Kristina Stark is well known for her simplistic design in materials such as ceramics, glass, cork, wood and metal. Fall 2017, Kristina has chosen to work in leather. The result is C.A. Lindberg, a new collection of slippers for her own brand Design: Kristina Stark.

- My slippers are named after my grandfather who was a true and exquisite craftsman of high quality leather goods. I still remember the smell of leather from when I visited him as a child in his studio and workshop. For many years I have dreamt of working in leather and now the time was right, Kristina Stark says.

C.A. Lindberg is a pair of slippers in naturally veg-tanned leather from Swedish tannery Tarnsjo Garveri. They can be used indoors any time of the day. The inspiration comes from Kristina’s grandfather’s own slippers as well as the simplest and most common kind of shoes that Swedish people have worn since ancient times — the clogs. Kristina Stark’s design has always been about peeling off and reducing the unnecessary, all in order to get to the core of the object.

- By exploring and analyzing different kinds of slippers I have understood the importance of the seam. How it runs around the edge of the shoe and holds the upper part together with the sole. This resulted in a pair of simple but high quality slippers with one upper part, one sole, one single seam and one knot, Kristina Stark explains. Neither more nor less.

Product information C.A. Lindberg

Material: Naturally veg-tanned leather from Tarnsjo Garveri in Sweden
Colour: Natural & black
Size: Small, medium & large

Price: On request

The slippers are handcrafted in Sweden.

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Still Life won the Elle Decoration Swedish Design Awards 2016, cathegory “Tableware of the year”



Recently my new Still Life range was awarded the winning prize of Elle Decoration Swedish Design Awards 2016.

When you have everything…or nothing. Regardless, these items are probably the only ones you may need…
Still Life is a set containing six hand made pieces in natural materials, shapes and colours: a drinking glass, a cup, a wooden saucer, a bowl, a plate for smaller dishes and a dinner plate.
This is not a traditional dinner set – this is simply a set containing the vessels you need for eating and drinking in everyday life.. Neither more nor less. The essence.
Soft, subtle and down to earth.

Product news january 2016



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Historic item gets new life



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Product news august 2015



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Pressrelease august 2015



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