• Cylinder


Cylinder is a unique series of vases - the very first collection - from Kristina Stark's new brand Stark. which is part of Design: Kristina Stark.

Cylinder is a collection of mouth blown cylindrical vases.
To this subtle simplicity Kristina has added a small detail containing a number of three-dimensional rings at the base which are meant to support both solitary stems as well as entire bouquets to create stable and beautiful flower arrangements. In addition to this functional detail, the rings also add a poetic expression as they create a reflection on the water in a similar way as when you throw a stone into still water.

The vases are mouthblown at the Swedish Glassworks Bergdala.

The Cylinder vases come in nine different sizes - three diameters and four hights.

Width:between 13 - 24 cm diameter
Height:between 13 - 34 cm
Made in:Sweden

Price: SEK0.00

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